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As an independent Packaging Consultants, PACKNOLOGY strives towards well managed and integrated packaging solutions to ensure that the Client receives the optimum packaging balance to suit their products, manufacturing operations, their markets and customers.


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we offer our vendor independent Packaging Consultancy to Companies to reduce their packaging costs and to advance a company’s use of packaging technology
We are Packaging Technologists, Designers and Planners with unrivalled experience in working across all areas of packaging, business and product sectors.


Packaging consulting services include:
  • Strategic consultancy covering strategic analysis, choice and implementation
  • Specialist knowledge and experience of the print and packaging sectors
  • Business planning tools and technology mapping techniques
  • Innovation and technical services encompassing technology scouting, ideation, conceptualisation, critical analysis of concepts, cost analysis, specification, model creation through to launch
  • Knowledge services including primary and secondary market intelligence research, publications, conferences, training and membership